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 Saskatchewan is a fantastic place to live.  After travelling the country and the world with the Canadian Forces, I was certain that this was where I wanted to raise my family and RANCH!  Saskatchewan is safe, beautiful, progressive, and filled with hardworking, innovative, community-minded people.  And if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes...

Capital: Regina
Population(2009): 1,030,210
Flower: Western Red Lily

Bird: Sharp-tailed Grouse


Saskatchewan is bounded by the Northwest Territories (N), Manitoba (E), North Dakota and Montana (S), and Alberta (W). One of the Prairie Provinces, its northern third is part of the Canadian Shield . The principal rivers are the Churchill, North and South Saskatchewan, and Qu'Appelle. Between the Saskatchewan and Churchill rivers lies a mixed forest belt that provides much timber; a section is preserved as Prince Albert National Park. 

Only in S Saskatchewan has there been substantial settlement and development.
Regina is the capital and second largest city; Saskatoon is the largest city, and Prince Albert and Moose Jaw are other important centers.

Economy and Higher Education

Except for a semiarid section in the southwest used for grazing and an area in the east and central portion given over to mixed farming and dairying, the land is devoted to the raising of hard wheat, canola, and pulse crops such as peas and lentils. Saskatchewan normally produces two thirds of Canada's wheat. The vast expanses of unbroken plain are well suited to large-scale mechanized farming. Oats, barley, rye, and flax are also grown throughout this region. Saskatchewan also produces 40% of the world's mustard.  The historic occupation of fur trapping is still practiced. 

Saskatchewan is rich in minerals. Oil and natural gas, found under the prairie, are by far the province's most important minerals. The region north of Lake Athabaska has been exploited for ores yielding uranium. Coal is mined in the southeast. Potash mining began in the 1950s near Saskatoon and Esterhazy, and Canada is now a leading producer of the mineral. Most of the province's industries process raw materials. 

Institutions of higher education include Aldergate College, at Moose Jaw; the Univ. of Regina; and the Univ. of Saskatchewan, at Saskatoon


 For detailed information, click Saskatchewan and esask.uregina.ca/themelist.html.


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